GOOSE MENU 8.11-21.11.2019     Goose Rillette with bread and onion marmelade 110 CZK     Goose soup „Kaldoun“ with offal 95 CZK     Roasted goose liver with onion and mashed potatoes 130 CZK     Confit of goose with cabbage variation, „lokše“ and sauce „Rezoun“ 350 CZK       Bread and butter […]

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Pumpkin Specials

PUMPKIN SPECIALS  17.10. – 31. 10. 2019       Mixed leaves salad with baked pumpkin,  pine nuts, rucola and rapsberries 139 CZK       Pumpkin velouté with honey apple 90 CZK       Pumpkin risotto 270 CZK      Slowly roasted spiced pork with pumpkin salad 350 CZK       Pumpkin […]

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Italian Cuisine

ITALY ON A PLATE   5.9. – 19.9.2019   Panzanella 120 czk     Tomato soup with pasta 110 czk     Carbonara Linguine 240 czk       Steamed fillet of sea bass served with fennel puree, carrot 550 czk     Zabaglione 130 czk     […]

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STEAK MENU 2.8. – 18.8.2019       Goat cheese wrapped in Tyrolean speck  fresh lettuce with Dijon dressing 210 czk       Leek and potato cream with quail egg 110 czk     Salmon steak in butter  crushed potatoes, olive salad 390 czk       Rib eye steak french fries, pepper sauce, […]

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   11.7. – 25. 7. 2019     Fennel salad avocado,salmon and red beetroot 310 CZK     Rice salad with olives, capers and tuna 250 CZK     Duck salad cucumber, papaya, herbs chilli dresink 290 CZK     Fresh fruit salad mango and orange sorbet 140 CZK     RECOMMENDED WINE Veltlínské zelené […]

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